Comfort utility model application

Comfort utility model application DE* from 890 EUR**

With a comfort-utility model application in Germany, you will receive up to 10 years of intellectual property protection.

We will examine the potential of your invention, and find out if it is possible to register and protect it, as utility model. At this stage, we will arrange a state-of-the-art research; the extent of this research will be discussed respectively in details with you.  If your invention can be registered as utility model, we will develop your personal application; this includes some mandatory documents, necessary to present your request to the German Patent Office.

That´s what we prepare for you:

  1. Utility model description,
  2. Protection claims.

If figures (drawings) are advisable, we will explain exactly how they should be created, in order to avoid eventual appositions.

On the basis of the state-of-the-art research, your utility model will be built just as a patent.

On your behalf, the Patent´s Conquerors will file your utility-model application to the German Patent and Trademark Office. The Trademark Conquerors will act as your representative during registration proceedings. You will be the owner of the trademark.