State of the art Research

State of the art Research DE* EU* Int.* from 350 EUR**

If you would like to register a patent, you can use the state-of-art research to check whether your idea has already been elsewhere protected.
A national, European and international research for existing rights is necessary. In the case of a patent application, researches must be carried out worldwide; however, the associated financial expenses may be high. A complete research is practically impossible. Patents are only released after 18 months; a research can be carried out only after the date of disclosure of the patent.

An invention is considered innovative only if it is not part of the state-of-the-art (§3 para.1 sentence 1 Patent Act). The state-of-the-art encompasses all those information that have been made publicly accessible through a written/oral description or utilization.

Therefore, inventions may not be publicly presented, – especially not by the inventor- not exhibited or even declared, before the application of the patent. The invention must be withdrawn from the state-of-the-art, as the invention own a so-called inventive step (§4 Patent Act).