Basic patent application

Basic patent application DE*
from 990 EUR**

With a basic patent application in Germany, you will receive up to 20 years of intellectual property protection. Present your idea to our experts; we will examine a potential patentability of your invention, and eventually develop your personal patent´s application. This includes some mandatory documents, necessary to present your request to the German Patent Office.

That´s what we prepare for you:

  1. Patent description,
  2. Patent claims,
  3. Overview and
  4. Mention of the inventor.

If your invention is not patentable, the above-mentioned fees will be charged only pro rata. The specific proportion depends on the extent of the activity, on a case-by-case basis. For instance, you could commission a state-of-the-art research; the extent of this research will be discussed respectively in details with you.

If figures (drawings) are advisable, we will explain exactly how they should be created.

On your behalf, the patent´s conquerors will file your patent application to the German Patent and Trademark Office, and you will be the only owner of your protective rights!