Patent Protection package Germany

Patent Protection package
1990 EUR**

Let us do this for you!

Leave the patent application to a specialist!
The patent conquerors offer you a professional all-round package that is precisely tailored for your patent application. At a fixed price, you get all the necessary services from a single source. Present your idea/invention to our experts. We check the patentability and then develop your patent application documents. This includes all necessary steps up to the patent registration before the Patent Office.

What is in the all-round package included?

The package comprises:

  • Professional advice regarding the application of your patent;
  • comprehensive state-of-the-art research (G) + (EU) + (Int.)

…and that is what we can do for you:

  • Patent´s description,
  • Patent´s claims,
  • Characters (draft version),
  • Overview and
  • Mention of the inventor.

In addition, this package contains all possible steps up to the issuing of the patent before the Patent Office. This includes the written processing of the Office's examination papers.

  • Patent application by the German Patent Office (DPMA)
    • Further correspondence with the German Patent Office (DPMA)
    (Does not apply in the case of a negative test report / consultation in the application procedure)
    • Examination and consignment of the patent.


You are the owner of the patent and receive 20 years of patent protection. Our team of experts will register your patent to the German Patent Office (DPMA) on your behalf and will support you as your representatives.