Registration of Patents and/or Utility Musters

The registration of a patent or a utility model at the Patent and Trademark Office (Deutsche Patent- und Markenamt – “DPMA”) gives you the exclusive right of exploitation and prohibition. You, as patent holder, may use the registered invention commercially, so that you can forbid third-parties from producing, advertising, using or even possessing or applying for the patent proceedings.

You should firstly discuss the following points with the consultancy of one of our experts:

  • Is this actually an invention?
  • Is the invention patentable?
  • Is the invention´s state-of-art new?
  • Is the invention sufficiently original and new?
  • Is the subject-matter of the invention industrially applicable?

Our team of experts would generally recommend you to have an actual research carried out, before the registration of a patent.

We will be pleased to advise you and register your patent / utility model for you.  In case of a patent´s application, the option of splitting-op a utility model application is recommendable in order to succeed as fast as we can.