Our package includes professional patent counseling, researches and the legal registration of your patent.

In addition, our team of experts will take care of all the necessary correspondence such as phone calls, simple correspondence and more complex written pleadings for you.

Put your invention in good hands!

With a lot of experience, our team of patent´s experts have developed a perfect all-round package for you. At a fixed price, you will get all the necessary services. Please make sure to check our fees on our Home-page.

How far can you go with your invention?

On the basis of the European patent agreement, a single application for a “European patent” (Bundelpatent in German) can be submitted to the European Patent Office. In this way, national laws must be applied, for example, in case of infringement. In fact, although the European granted patent has been registered in any of the designated European countries as a valid patent, this patent follows the national rules of the respective country Agreement.

On the basis of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), we can register your invention as a patent, internationally and in numerous countries.